Thig 6:3  Khemā

In SN 5:4, a variation of the verse attributed to Māra, and the first verse attributed here to Sister Khemā, are included in a poem attributed to Sister Vijayā (see Thig 6:8). Sister Khema’s second verse is attributed to Sister Aḷavikā in SN 5:1. Her third verse also appears in Thig 7:2; its first half, in SN 5:3.


“You, a beautiful young woman;

I, a young man, full of youth.

Come, Khemā,

let’s enjoy ourselves

to the music of a five-piece band.”


“I’m disgusted, ashamed

of this putrid body—

disintegrating, dissolving.

Sensual craving

is rooted out.

Sensual pleasures

are like swords & spears;

the aggregates,

their executioner’s block.

What you call sensual delight

is no delight for me.

Everywhere enjoyment

is defeated;

the mass of darkness,


So know,      Evil One,

that you have been,


struck down.”

* * *

Paying homage to the zodiac stars,

tending the fire in the forest,

not knowing it as it actually was,

fools, you conceived it

as purity.

Whereas I

am one who pays homage

to the One Self-awakened,

the utmost man.

I’m one who has done the Teacher’s bidding,

entirely released

from sufferings & stress.