Thig 7:2  Cālā

In SN 5:8, verses similar to these are attributed to the nun Sīsūpacālā.


Having established mindfulness,

a nun with developed faculties,1 I

penetrated the peaceful state:

stilling-of-fabrications bliss.2


“For whose sake

have you shaved your head?

You look like a contemplative

but don’t approve of a philosophy,

so why are you wandering here



“Outside philosophers place

their confidence in views.

They don’t know the Dhamma.3

They’re not adept in the Dhamma.

But there is

the Awakened One,

born in the Sakyan clan,

a person without peer.4

He taught me the Dhamma

for the transcending of views:


the co-arising of stress,

the overcoming of stress,

& the noble eightfold path

leading to the stilling of stress.5

Having heard his words,

I dwell, delighting

in his bidding.

The three knowledges

are attained;

the Buddha’s bidding,


Everywhere enjoyment

is defeated;

the mass of darkness,


So know,     Evil One,

that you have been,


struck down.


1. This can mean that she has achieved restraint over her sense faculties, or that she has fully developed the faculties of conviction, persistence, mindfulness, concentration, and discernment. See. SN 48:10 and AN 4:37.

2. This stanza does not occur in SN 5:8.

3. In SN 5:8, this line reads, “I don’t approve of their teaching.”

4. This is the last line that this poem has in common with SN 5:8. The remainder of SN 5:8 reads:


Māra’s subduer,

everywhere undefeated,

everywhere freed, independent;

endowed with an Eye

all-seeing, reaching the end of

all kamma—

with the ending of acquisitions,


He, that Blessed One,

is my teacher.

It’s in his Dhamma

that I delight.

5. For an example of how the four noble truths—right view—lead to the transcending of views, see AN 10:95.