Thig 5:10  Paṭācārā

[I thought:]

“Plowing the field with plows,

sowing the ground with seed,

supporting their wives & children,

young men gather up wealth.

So why is it that I,

consummate in virtue,

a doer of the teacher’s bidding,

don’t gain unbinding?

I’m not lazy or proud.”

Washing my feet, I noticed



And in watching it flow from high



my heart was composed

like a fine thoroughbred steed.

Then taking a lamp, I entered the hut,

checked the bedding,

sat down on the bed.

And taking a pin, I pulled out the wick:

Like the flame’s1 unbinding

was the liberation

of awareness.


1. Reading pajjotass’eva with the Thai edition.

See also: MN 72; SN 6:15; Ud 8:10