Thag 6:10  Sumana the Novice

When I was seven

& newly gone forth,

having conquered with my power

the great powerful serpent,

I was fetching water for my preceptor

from the great lake, Anotatta,1

when the Teacher saw me & said:

“Look, Sāriputta, at that one,

the young boy coming there,

carrying a pot of water,

well-centered within,

his practices—inspiring;

his bearing—admirable.

He’s Anuruddha’s novice,

mature in his powers,

made thoroughbred by a thoroughbred,

good by one who is good,

tamed by Anuruddha,

trained by one whose task

is done.

He,     having reached the highest peace

& realized the unshakable,

Sumana the novice

wants this:

‘Don’t let anyone know me.’”


1. Anotatta: A fabulous lake located in the Himalayas, famed for the purity of its cool waters. Sumana would have had to use his psychic powers to fetch water from there.

See also: AN 8:30; Ud 3:1