77. It’s easy if you’re not attached

Wat Burapha, where Luang Pu spent each Rains Retreat without exception for more than 50 years, is situated in the heart of the town of Surin, right in front of the Provincial Offices and next to the provincial court. For this reason, the noise of cars and trucks was constantly disturbing the peace and quiet of the monastery. Especially during the annual Elephant Fair or any of the holidays, there would be noise and bright lights for seven or fifteen days at a time. The monks and novices whose minds still lacked resilience would be especially bothered by this.

Whenever they’d bring this to Luang Pu’s attention, they’d always get the same response:

“Why waste your time being interested in those things? It’s the nature of light to be bright. It’s the nature of noise to be loud. That’s what their functions are. If you don’t focus on listening, that’s the end of the matter. Act in a way that’s not in opposition to your surroundings, for that’s just the way they are. Simply reach a genuine understanding with them using deep discernment, that’s all.”