78. Sometimes what I heard amazed me

One of my weaknesses was that I liked to talk with Luang Pu half in jest. This was because he never took offense, and was always approachable to the monks and novices who lived close to him. Once I asked him, “In the texts they say that devas came by the tens of billions to listen to the Buddha. Would there be enough space to hold them all? Was his voice loud enough for all of them to hear?”

When I heard Luang Pu’s answer I was stunned and amazed, for I had never read anything like it in the texts and had never heard anyone say such a thing before. On top of that, I heard him say this only when he was seriously ill and nearing death.

He said,

“There would be no problem even if the devas gathered by the millions of billions, for the space of one atom can hold up to eight devas.”