73. Should you ask?

Many people interested in the practice, whether lay or ordained, are not only intent on their practice but also like to search out teachers who are skilled in giving advice.

Once a group of meditating monks from the central region of Thailand came to spend many days listening to Luang Pu’s Dhamma and to his advice on meditation. One of the monks told Luang Pu of his feelings: “I’ve searched out many teachers, and although they all teach well, they generally teach just about the Vinaya, or the practicing of wandering and following the ascetic practices, or else the bliss and stillness that come from practicing concentration. But as for you, you teach the straight route to the top: not-self, emptiness, nibbāna. Forgive me for being so forward as to ask, but in teaching about nibbāna, have you attained it yet?”

Luang Pu answered,

“There’s nothing that will attain, and nothing that won’t attain.”