74. The purpose of the practice

Ajaan Bate, a close relative of Luang Pu’s, lived at Khoke Mawn Monastery. Even though he ordained only late in life, he was extremely strict in his practice of meditation and the ascetic practices. Luang Pu once praised him, saying that his practice had gotten good results. When Ajaan Bate fell seriously ill and was near death, he said that he wanted to see Luang Pu one last time, to bid him farewell before dying. I informed Luang Pu, who went to see him. On his arrival, Ajaan Bate got up and bowed down to him and then lay back on his sleeping mat as before, without saying a word. But his smile and the happy look on his face were easy to see.

Luang Pu said to him in a voice both clear and gentle,

“All the practices you’ve been trying to practice are specifically meant for use at this time. When the time comes to die, make the mind one, then stop focusing and let go of everything.”