XI. Yasmiṁ padese kappeti


Yasmiṁ padese kappeti

saṁ paṇḍita-jātiyo

lavant’ettha bhojetvā

Saññate brahma-cārino

Yā tattha devatā āsuṁ

saṁ dakkhiṇam-ādise.

Tā pūjitā pūjayanti

Mānitā mānayanti naṁ.

Tato naṁ anukampanti

Mātā puttaṁ va orasaṁ.

Devatā’nukampito poso

Sadā bhadrāni passati.

In whatever place a wise person makes his dwelling,

—there providing food for the virtuous,

the restrained, leaders of the holy life—

he should dedicate that offering to the devas there.

They, receiving honor, will honor him;

being respected, will show him respect.

As a result, they will feel sympathy for him,

like that of a mother for her child, her son.

A person with whom the devas sympathize

always meets with auspicious things.

Note: These verses are from the Mahā-Parinibbāna Suttanta (Great Discourse on the Total Unbinding), Dīgha Nikāya 16. They are frequently chanted when the donor is making merit on the occasion of his/her birthday or a housewarming.