Aṭṭh’aṅgika-magga Gāthā
Verses on the Eightfold Path

Maggān’aṭṭh’aṅgiko seṭṭho

Saccānaṁ caturo padā.

Virāgo seṭṭho dhammānaṁ

Dipa-dānañ-ca cakkhumā.

Of paths, the eightfold is best. Of truths, the four sayings.

Of qualities, dispassion. Of two-footed beings, the one with the eyes to see.

Es’eva maggo n’atth’añño

Dassanassa visuddhiyā.

Etañ-hi tumhe paṭipajjatha


Just this is the path—there is no other—to purify vision.

Follow it, and that will be for the bewilderment of Māra’s army.

Etañ-hi tumhe paṭipannā

Dukkhass’antaṁ karissatha.

Akkhāto vo mayā maggo

Aññāya salla-satthanaṁ.

Following it, you put an end to suffering & stress.

I have taught you this path having known—for your knowing—the extraction of arrows.

Tumhehi kiccaṁ ātappaṁ

Akkhātāro Tathāgatā.

Paṭipannā pamokkhanti

Jhāyino Māra-bandhanā.

It’s for you to strive ardently. Tathāgatas simply point out the way.

Those who practice, absorbed in jhāna: From Māra’s bonds they’ll be freed.