Select Bibliography

Primary sources

For the Pali Canon, I have used the Thai edition published in Bangkok by Mahāmakut Rājavidyālaya Press and the BUDSIR CD-ROM version prepared by Mahidol University; the European edition edited by Hermann Oldenberg and published in England by the Pali Text Society; and the version of the Sri Lankan edition made available online by the Journal of Buddhist Ethics. For readings from the Sixth Council Burmese edition, I have relied on the help of Thomas Patton.

For the Pali commentaries, I have used the Thai editions of the Samantapāsādikā, the Sāratthadīpanī, and the Atthayojanā published in Bangkok by Mahāmakut Rājavidyālaya Press; the Thai edition of the Vimati-vinodanī published in Bangkok by the Bhūmibalo Bhikkhu Foundation Press; the PTS edition of the Samantapāsādikā, edited by J. Takakusu, Makoto Nagai, and Kogen Mizuno; the PTS edition of the Kaṅkhā-vitaraṇī, edited by Dorothy Maskell; the Harvard Oriental Series’ edition of the Visuddhimagga, edited by Henry Clarke Warren and Dharmananda Kosambi; and the Thai edition of the Kaṅkhā-vitaraṇī-purāṇa-ṭīkā and the Kaṅkhā-vitaraṇ-abhinava-ṭīkā published in Bangkok by Mahāchulālongkorn Rājavidyālaya.

Secondary sources and translations

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