Kassapa Gotta
Kassapa Gotta Sutta  (SN 9:3)

On one occasion Ven. Kassapa Gotta was staying among the Kosalans in a forest grove. Now at that time, as he had gone to spend the day (in the grove), he was exhorting a certain hunter.

Then the devatā inhabiting the forest grove, feeling sympathy for Ven. Kassapa Gotta, desiring his benefit, desiring to bring him to his senses, approached him and recited verses:

“This monk strikes me as stupid:
at the wrong time,
exhorting a hunter,
roaming through the rugged mountains,
undiscerning, unaware.
He hears—	he doesn’t understand.
He looks—	he doesn’t see.
While Dhamma is being spoken,
the fool doesn’t awaken to the meaning.
Even if you were to bring
ten lamps, Kassapa,
he still wouldn’t see forms,
for his eyes can’t be found.”

Then Ven. Kassapa Gotta, chastened by the devatā, came to his senses.

See also: AN 6:86–88