At Andhakavinda
Andhakavinda Sutta  (SN 6:13)

On one occasion the Blessed One was dwelling among the Magadhans in Andhakavinda. And on that occasion he was sitting out in the open in the thick darkness of night while the rain fell in scattered drops.

Then, Brahmā Sahampati in the far extreme of the night, his extreme radiance lighting up the entirety of Andhakavinda, went to the Blessed One and, on arrival, having bowed down to him, stood to one side. As he was standing there, he recited these verses in the Blessed One’s presence:

“Stay in isolated dwellings.
Live for freedom from fetters.
But if one doesn’t attain delight there,
one should live with the Saṅgha,
	mind protected,
Walking for alms
from family to family,
senses guarded,
		masterful, mindful,
stay in isolated dwellings.
Freed from fear,
released in the fearless,
where fearful snakes are,
lightning wanders,
the sky thunders,
in the thick darkness of night,
there sits the monk—
	horripilation left behind.
And this has actually been seen by me,
it’s not hearsay, quotation marks.
In a single holy life,
a thousand have left death behind.
More in training,
five hundred plus
ten times tenfold ten:
All have attained the stream
that never leads to an animal birth.
As for other people, partaking of merit,
—so to my mind—
I cannot count them,
for fear of telling a falsehood.”

See also: DN 29; MN 4; Thag 1:50; Thag 2:11