Thoroughly Confused
Susammuṭṭha Sutta  (SN 1:8)

Like the similar sutta SN 1:7, this sutta offers evidence in support of the translation, “awakened” for the Pali term, Buddha. The verses draw a direct connection between two words derived from the same root: the adjective sambuddha, a variant of buddha, and the verb pābujjhati, which in context clearly means to awaken from sleep.

Standing to one side, a devatā addressed the Blessed One with a verse:

“Those for whom
phenomena are thoroughly confused,
who may be led
by the teachings of others:
	Asleep are they;
	they haven’t awakened.
It’s time for them
to awaken.”

The Buddha:

“Those for whom
phenomena are not confused,
may not be led
by the teachings of others.
	through right knowing,
they go among the discordant


1. See note 1 under SN 1:7.

See also: MN 41; MN 61; MN 97; AN 6:55; AN 6:63