Hard to Do
Dukkara Sutta  (SN 1:17)

For the inexperienced,
the contemplative life is
	hard to do,	
	hard to endure,
for	many are the confinements there
in which a fool sinks.
How many days can you follow
the contemplative life
if you don’t block the mind?
Step by step you’d sink
under the sway of your resolves.1
As a tortoise would draw
	its limbs
	into its shell,
so a monk should—
	the thoughts of his heart.
Independent, not mistreating others,
totally unbound,
he shouldn’t disparage
  anyone at all.


1. The passion for his resolves is a man’s sensuality,
not the beautiful sensual pleasures
		found in the world.
The passion for his resolves is a man’s sensuality.
The beauties remain as they are in the world,
while, in this regard,
		the enlightened
    subdue their desire. — AN 6:63

See also: Dhp 183–185