Appendix Four: Disciples

Pre-eminent disciples of the Buddha mentioned in the Udāna, and the areas in which, according to AN 1:146–152 (as numbered in the Thai edition), they were pre-eminent:

(Those whose outstanding quality is depicted in the Udāna are marked with an asterisk.)

Monks (22 out of 40)

Ānanda: in being learned, being mindful, having powers of recall, having powers of retention, and being an attendant

Ānanda: in being learned, mindful, steadfast, in having wide understanding, and in being an attendant

Anuruddha: in the divine eye

Bāhiya of the Bark-cloth: in gaining quick realization*

Bhaddiya the Dwarf: in having a charming voice

Bhaddiya Kāḷigodhā’s son: in coming from a prominent family

Dabba Mallaputta: in arranging lodgings

Kaccāna, Mahā: in explaining in detail the meaning of brief statements

Kappina, Mahā: in exhorting the monks

Kassapa, Mahā: in teaching strictness*

Koṇḍañña, Aññāta: in seniority

Koṭṭhita, Mahā: in attaining acumen

Moggallāna, Mahā: in having (psychic) power*

Nanda: in guarding the sense doors

Panthaka, Cūḷa: in creating a mind-made body and in being skilled in the evolution of awareness

Pilindavaccha: in being dear to devatas

Piṇḍola Bhāradvāja: in giving the lion’s roar

Revata the Doubter: in possessing jhāna

Revata (Khadiravaniya = of the acacia grove): in living in the wilderness

Sāriputta: in having great discernment

Soṇa Koṭikaṇṇa: in having a fine delivery*

Subhūti: in living without conflict and in deserving offerings

Upasena Vaṅgantaputta: in being all-around inspiring

Female lay followers (3 out of 10)

Sāmāvatī: in dwelling in good will

Suppavāsā: in donating exquisite gifts*

Visākhā, Migāra’s mother: in being a donor