Thig 5:6  Mittakālī

Going forth through conviction

from home into homelessness,

I wandered this place & that,

greedy for tribute & gains.

Missing out on the foremost goal,

I pursued a lowly one.

Under the sway of defilements,

I didn’t awaken1 to the goal

of the contemplative life.

Then, sitting in my dwelling,

I suddenly came to my senses:

I’m following a miserable path.

I’m under the sway of


Next to nothing, my life,


by aging & illness.

Before the body breaks apart,

I have no time

for heedlessness.

After watching, as it actually was,

the arising-disbanding of aggregates,

I stood up with mind released,

the Awakened One’s bidding



1. Reading na bujjhi’ham with the Burmese and Sinhalese editions.

See also: MN 29–30; SN 17:3; SN 17:5; SN 17:8