Thig 5:11  Paṭācārā’s Thirty Students

[Paṭācārā taught:]

“Taking the pestle,

young men grind the corn.

Supporting their wives & children,

they gather up wealth.

Do the Awakened One’s bidding,

which, having done,

you’ll have no regret.

Intent on tranquility of awareness,

do the Awakened One’s bidding.


Having washed your feet,

go sit to one side.”

Hearing these words,

Paṭācārā’s bidding,

they washed their feet

and retired to one side.

Intent on tranquility of awareness,

they did the Awakened One’s bidding.

In the first watch of the night,

they recollected their previous lives.

In the middle watch,

purified the divine eye.

In the last,

burst the mass of darkness.

Getting up, they bowed down to her feet.

“We have done your bidding.

Like the thirty devas honoring Indra,

unvanquished in battle,


endowed with the three knowledges,


will continue honoring you.”