Thig 3:5  Ubbiri

[Ubbiri recalls the Buddha’s words:]

“‘Jīva, my daughter,’

you cry in the woods.

Come to your senses, Ubbiri.


all named Jīva

have been burned in that charnel ground.

For which of them do you grieve?”

Pulling out

—completely out—

the arrow so hard to see,

embedded in my heart,

he expelled from me

—overcome with grief—

the grief

over my daughter.

Today—with arrow removed,

without hunger, entirely


to the Buddha, Dhamma, & Saṅgha I go,

for refuge to

the Sage.

See also: SN 47:13; AN 5:49; Ud 5:1; Ud 8:8; Sn 3:8; Thig 6:1