5:5  Dhotaka’s Questions

I ask you, Blessed One.

Please tell me.

I hope for your words, Great Seer.

Having heard your pronouncement,

I’ll train for my own


The Buddha:

In that case,

be ardent—

astute & mindful right here.

Then, having heard my pronouncement,

train for your own



I see in the world of beings

divine & human,

a brahman who lives

possessing          nothing.

I pay homage to him,

the All-around Eye.1

From my perplexities, Sakyan, release me!

The Buddha:

No one in the world, Dhotaka,

can I release from perplexity.

But knowing the most excellent Dhamma,

you will cross over this flood.


Teach with compassion, brahman,

the Dhamma of seclusion

so that I may know—

so that I, unafflicted as space,

may go about right here,


at peace.

The Buddha:

I will expound to you peace


not quoted words—

knowing which, living mindfully,

you’ll go beyond

entanglement in the world.


And I relish,     Great Seer,

that peace     supreme,

knowing which, living mindfully,

I’ll go beyond

entanglement in the world.

The Buddha:

Whatever you’re alert to,

above, below,

across, in between:

Knowing it as a bond in the world,

don’t create craving

for becoming or non-.2

vv. 1061–1068


1. See Sn 2:12, note 2.

2. Craving for becoming and non-becoming are the two most subtle forms of craving that lead to continued existence—and suffering—in the round of birth and death. See Sn 5:4, note 5.