2:11  Rāhula

“From living with him often

do you not despise the wise man?

Is the one who holds up the torch

for human beings

honored by you?”

“From living with him often

I don’t despise the wise man.

The one who holds up the torch

for human beings

is honored by me.”

* * *

“Abandoning the five strings of sensuality,

endearing, charming,

going forth from home

through conviction,

be one who puts an end

to suffering & stress.

Cultivate admirable friends

and an isolated dwelling,

secluded, with next-to-no noise.

Know moderation in eating.

Robe, alms-food,

requisites, dwellings:

Don’t create craving for these.

Don’t be one who returns to the world.

Restrained in the Pāṭimokkha

and the five faculties,

have mindfulness immersed in the body,

be one who’s cultivated disenchantment.

Avoid the theme of beauty,

connected with passion.

Develop the mind in the unattractive—

gathered into one,1 well-centered.

Develop the themeless.2

Give up obsession with conceit.

Then, from having broken through conceit,

you will go about,


In this way, the Blessed One often instructed Ven. Rāhula3 with these verses.

vv. 335–342


1. Ek’agga, reading agga in the sense of “gathering place.”

2. On the themeless concentration, see MN 121 and SN 41:7.

3. At AN 1:148 (1:209) the Buddha cites Ven. Rāhula, his son, as being foremost among the monks in his desire for training.

See also: MN 61; MN 62; MN 147; Thag 4:8