Khp 3.  Dvattiṁsākāra — The 32 Parts

In this body there is:

hair of the head, hair of the body,

nails, teeth, skin,

muscle, tendons,

bones, bone marrow,

spleen, heart, liver,

membranes, kidneys, lungs,

large intestines, small intestines,

gorge, feces,

gall, phlegm, lymph, blood,

sweat, fat, tears, oil,

saliva, mucus, oil in the joints, urine,

brain in the skull.1


1. This item is not usually included in the list of the parts of the body in other parts of the Canon, such as DN 22, MN 10, and MN 119. Its presence here suggests that this passage—and perhaps the whole of Khp—was assembled during the time of the Commentaries, which unlike DN and MN, include the brain in the list.

See also: DN 22; MN 119; SN 54:9; AN 7:48; AN 4:163; AN 9:15; AN 10:60; Dhp 147–150; Sn 1:11; Sn 5:16; Thag 10:5; Thig 13:1; Thig 14