Itivuttaka 95

This was said by the Blessed One, said by the Arahant, so I have heard: “Monks, there are these three ways of obtaining sensual pleasures. Which three? Those whose sensual pleasures are already provided, those who delight in creating, those with control over what is created by others.1 These are the three ways of obtaining sensual pleasures.”

Devas whose pleasures are already provided,

those with control,

those who delight in creation,

and any others enjoying sensual pleasures

in this state here

or anywhere else,

don’t go beyond

the wandering-on.

Knowing this drawback

in sensual pleasures, the wise

should abandon all sensual desires,

whether human

or divine.

Having cut the flow of greed

for lovely, alluring forms

so hard to transcend,

having,         without remainder,

comprehended stress,

they are,      without remainder,

totally unbound.

They, the wise, with an attainer-of-wisdom’s

noble vision,

right gnosis,

directly knowing the ending of birth,

come to no further becoming.


1. As the verse makes clear, these three categories denote three levels of devas in the heavens of sensual pleasure. “Those in control” are at the highest of these levels.

See also: SN 55:54; Dhp 186—187