Itivuttaka 47

This was said by the Blessed One, said by the Arahant, so I have heard: “Monks, a monk should be wakeful: mindful, alert, centered, sensitive, clear, & calm. And there he should, at the appropriate times, see clearly into skillful mental qualities. For a monk who is wakeful–mindful, alert, centered, sensitive, clear, & calm, seeing clearly, at the appropriate times, into skillful mental qualities–one of two fruits can be expected: either gnosis right in the here-&-now, or–if there be any remnant of clinging-sustenance–non-return.”

Those who are wakeful, listen to this!

Those who are sleeping, wake up!

Wakefulness is better than sleep.

For those who are wakeful,

there’s no danger, no fear.

Whoever is wakeful,

mindful, alert,

centered, sensitive,

calm, & clear,

rightly exploring the Dhamma

at appropriate times,

he–on becoming unified–

could shatter the darkness.

So be devoted to wakefulness.

The ardent monk

–masterful, acquiring jhāna,

cutting the fetter of birth & aging–

touches right here

a self-awakening un-


See also: AN 4:37; Sn 2:10