The Near Shore
Orima Sutta  (AN 10:118)

“Monks, I will teach you the near shore & the far shore. Listen & pay close attention. I will speak.”

“As you say, lord,” the monks responded to the Blessed One.

The Blessed One said, “And which is the near shore? And which is the far shore?

“Wrong view is the near shore; right view, the far shore.

“Wrong resolve is the near shore; right resolve, the far shore.

“Wrong speech is the near shore; right speech, the far shore.

“Wrong action is the near shore; right action, the far shore.

“Wrong livelihood is the near shore; right livelihood, the far shore.

“Wrong effort is the near shore; right effort, the far shore.

“Wrong mindfulness is the near shore; right mindfulness, the far shore.

“Wrong concentration is the near shore; right concentration, the far shore.

“Wrong knowledge is the near shore; right knowledge, the far shore.

“Wrong release is the near shore; right release, the far shore.

“This, monks, is the near shore; this, the far shore.”

Few are the people

who reach the far shore.

These others

simply scurry along

this shore.

But those who practice Dhamma

in line with the well-taught Dhamma,

will cross over the realm of Death

so hard to transcend.

Forsaking dark practices,

the wise person

should develop the bright,

having gone from home

to no-home

in seclusion, so hard to enjoy.

There he should wish for delight,

discarding sensuality—

he who has nothing.

He should cleanse himself—wise—

of what defiles the mind.

Whose minds are well-developed

in the factors for self-awakening,

who delight in non-clinging,

relinquishing grasping—


their effluents ended:

They, in the world,

are unbound.1


1. These verses = Dhp 85–89.

See also: DN 16; MN 117; SN 35:197; Sn 5