The following methods of payment have been used successfully by other donors to Metta Forest Monastery. Not all methods will be available to everybody, particularly to international donors. Please research the various methods to your satisfaction and choose the most suitable.


A check payable to Metta Forest Monastery may be mailed to:

Metta Forest Monastery

PO Box 1409

Valley Center, CA 92082

Wire Transfer


Metta Forest Monastery

Bank of America, Carmel Mountain Ranch Branch

Routing No. 026009593



Account No. 325033887276

Paper & Electronic

Metta Forest Monastery

Routing No. 121000358

Account No. 325033887276


There are two methods of donating to the Monastery via PayPal.

1. PayPal Charitable Giving Fund

This is a mechanism PayPal has set up that allows charitable donations without imposing PayPal’s usual transaction fees.

PayPal Giving Fund for Metta Forest Monastery

2. PayPal Regular

PayPal Link

This might be the only option for some international donors. PayPal’s base international transfer fees appear to be 5% and domestic, 3%, but you’ll have to look carefully at their policies.


The Monastery has enrolled in Zelle, so it is possible to transfer donations without any fees via the Zelle app. The Monastery’s email for transfers via Zelle is Zelle doesn’t appear to extract any fees and appears to allow automatic recurring payments. Unfortunately, it seems Zelle doesn’t work for international donations.


Receipts for Charitable Donations

• Metta Forest Monastery is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, and PayPal should automatically provide a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

• For receipts for donations via other methonds please make a request to

Specific Funds

Money donated to the monastery has traditionally gone into a general fund which is used to meet any monastery expenses, such as food, water, heat, etc., or to make up a shortfall in any of the dedicated funds. Currently there are four such dedicated funds: books/dhamma distribution, wilderness refuge, construction, and upasikā. If you have a preference for where your donation is used, you may indicate it on the memo line or message field provided by the payment method. Failing that you can email, and the volunteers that handle donations will do their best to allocate the donation as indicated.

Why is this page so hard to find?

The Monastery wants to keep a clear separation between distributing the Dhamma freely in accordance with the Dhamma and any attempt or perceived attempt to solicit donations by having [[donate]] buttons present on the site. Therefore, the only way to access this page is by proactively:

• searching for “donations” in the search box on this site (or by googling “wat metta donations” or “dhammatalks donations”),

• or typing the url: into the address bar.

Further Questions

• Please contact with any further questions.