Pay Pal Link

Metta Forest Monastery has opened a PayPal account to make donations easier, particularly for international donors for whom it’s been burdensome, but it should also be more convenient for everybody.

The Monastery wants to keep a clear separation between distributing the Dhamma freely in accordance with the Dhamma and any attempt or perceived attempt to solicit donations by having PayPal buttons present on the site. Therefore, the only way to access the above PayPal button is by proactively:

• searching for “donations” in the search box on this site (or by googling “dhammatalks donations” or “wat metta donations” or some such); or

• typing the url: into the address bar

Also, please disregard any suggested donations from PayPal. This is PayPal’s default behavior which, though we are fighting to remove it, keeps popping back up.


• Metta Forest Monastery is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, and PayPal should automatically provide a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

• Also, if you have a preference, there is a way via the PayPal process to request that your donation be applied to one of three Monastery funds: books/dhamma distribution, construction, or general.

• You may contact the site administrator at with any further questions.