93. The truth as he saw it

When people asked Luang Pu if he had read any of the many accounts of Ajaan Mun’s life, he would answer, “A few.” The next question would be, “And what do you think of all the psychic powers and miraculous events they describe?” Luang Pu would answer, “Back in the days when I was living with Ajaan Mun, I never heard him mention anything about them.”

Normally, when Luang Pu would speak of Ajaan Mun, he’d speak only of his ascetic practices, saying,

“Among the later generations of monks, I’ve never seen a single one adhere to these practices as strictly as Ajaan Mun. He wore only robes made of rags that he had sewn and dyed himself. He never used finished robes received from anyone else. He stayed in forest dwellings his entire life. He ate only the food he had received on alms round, and only out of his alms bowl. Even when he was severely ill, he would sit up and hold his bowl in his lap for others to put alms in. He never took the special allowances that come from spending the Rains Retreat or receiving the kaṭhina. He never got involved in construction work, and never tried to persuade other people to do so.”