91. Strange

After the opening ceremonies for the Phra Ajaan Mun Museum, Luang Pu traveled further to visit Ajaan Funn at Khaam Cave. In those days, large vehicles could go no further than the base of the hill where the cave was located, which meant that Luang Pu had to climb a long distance up the hill. This he found extremely tiring, having to stop and catch his breath many times. I felt keenly pained for my part in putting him to such difficulties. Finally, when we had reached the meeting hall at the top of the hill and Ajaan Funn had paid his respects, Ajaan Thate happened to arrive as well.

Seeing these three great elders coincidentally meeting and hearing them converse in a friendly way in such a peaceful and smiling atmosphere, my sense of inner pain totally disappeared and was replaced by a feeling of rapture.

Ajaan Funn expressed his admiration of Luang Pu, saying, “Your health is very strong. Even at your age, you’re still able to climb all the way up the hill.”

Luang Pu responded,

“I’m not really all that strong. I’ve looked the matter over and seen that I have no bad karma with regard to the body. When I can’t use the body any more, I’ll just drop it, that’s all.”