66. In his own style

Sometime around 1977, Luang Pu was invited to a celebration at Wat Dhammamongkon on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. During the celebration, he was invited to “sit in protection” as part of a consecration ceremony for Buddha images and amulets. After the ceremony was over, he went outside to rest in a small hut where he spoke with a large number of his monk-students who were studying in Bangkok at the time. One of the monks commented that he had never seen Luang Pu participate in a ceremony like this before, and wondered if this was his first time. He then went on to ask how one goes about sitting “in protection.”

Luang Pu replied,

“I have no idea what the other ajaans do when they’re sitting ‘in protection’ or sitting ‘in blessing.’ As for me, I simply sit in concentration in my same old style.”