59. Knowledge from study vs. knowledge from practice

Someone said: “The teachings about virtue, concentration, discernment, and release that I’ve memorized from books and from the teachings of various ajaans: Are they in line with Luang Pu’s understanding of their essence?”

Luang Pu answered,

“Virtue means the normalcy of a mind that’s free of faults, the mind that has armored itself against doing evil of any kind. Concentration is the result that comes from maintaining that virtue, i.e. a mind with solidity, with stillness as the strength sending it on to the next step. Discernment—“what knows”—is a mind empty, light, and at ease, seeing things clearly, all the way through, for what they really are. Release is a mind that enters emptiness from that emptiness. In other words, it lets go of the ease, leaving a state where it is nothing and has nothing, with no thought remaining at all.”