51. Simply a motion

There were times when I felt ill at ease, fearing that I may have done wrong in being party to those who talked Luang Pu into doing things that he wasn’t interested in doing. The first time was when he joined in the opening ceremonies for the Phra Ajaan Mun Museum in Wat Pa Sutthaavaat in Sakon Nakhorn. There were lots of meditation teachers and lots of lay people who went to the teachers to pay respect and ask for favors. Many people asked Luang Pu to blow on their heads. When I saw him just sitting there without responding, I pleaded with him, “Please just do it to get it over with.” So he blew on their heads. After a while, when he couldn’t get out of it, he’d make auspicious marks on their cars. When he grew tired of their requests for amulets, he allowed them to make amulets in his name. When he felt pity on them, he’d light the “victory” candle at their chanting rituals and join in their ceremonies for consecrating amulets.

But then I felt extremely relieved when Luang Pu said,

“My doing things like this is simply an external physical motion in line with social norms. It’s not a motion of the mind that leads to states of becoming, levels of being, or to the paths, fruitions, and nibbāna in any way at all.”