49. Sometimes he came down hard

Ajaan Samret had ordained from when he was a child until he was almost 60 years old. He had been a meditation teacher, strict in his practice, good in his reputation, and respected by many people. But he didn’t make it all the way. His state of mind deteriorated because he fell in love with the daughter of one of his supporters. So he came to take his leave of Luang Pu in order to disrobe and get married.

Everyone was shocked at this news and didn’t believe it could possibly be true because, looking at his practice, they had assumed he would stay in the contemplative life to the end of his days. If the news were true, it would be a major blow to the meditative community. For this reason, fellow elders and his students tried everything they could to get him to change his mind and not disrobe. In particular, Luang Pu called for him and tried to talk him out of his plans, but to no effect. Finally, Ajaan Samret said to him, “I can’t stay on. Every time I sit and meditate, I see her face floating right in front of me.”

Luang Pu responded in a loud voice,

“That’s because you aren’t meditating on your own mind. You’re meditating on her rear, so of course you’re going to keep seeing her rear. Get out of here. Feel free to go wherever you want.”