47. The genuine basis of the Dhamma

There’s one thing that meditators love to talk about, and that’s, “What do you see when you sit in meditation? What appears when you meditate?” Or else they complain that they’ve been sitting in meditation for a long time and yet nothing has appeared for them to see. Or else they talk about seeing this thing or that all the time. This makes some people misunderstand things, thinking that when you meditate you get to see what you want to see.

Luang Pu would warn these people that this sort of aspiration is all wrong, for the purpose of meditation is to enter into the genuine basis of the Dhamma.

“The genuine basis of the Dhamma is the mind, so focus on watching the mind. Get so that you understand your own mind poignantly. When you understand your mind poignantly, you’ve got the basis of the Dhamma right there.”