29. What to study and what not to study

Ven. Ajaan Suchin Suciṇṇo had received his law degree from Dhammasaat University a long time ago and held the practice of the Dhamma in high regard. He was a student of Luang Pu Lui for many years and then, after hearing of Luang Pu Dune’s reputation, came to practice with him. Eventually he took ordination. After staying with Luang Pu for a while, he came to take his leave so that he could wander off in search of solitude.

Luang Pu advised him,

“In the area of the Vinaya, you should study the texts until you correctly understand each and every rule to the point where you can put them into practice without error. As for the Dhamma, if you read a lot you’ll speculate a lot, so you don’t have to read that at all. Be intent solely on the practice, and that will be enough.”