17. What buddho is like

Luang Pu was invited to teach in Bangkok on March 31, 1978. During a Dhamma conversation, some lay people expressed their doubts about what “buddho” was like. Luang Pu was kind enough to answer:

“When you meditate, don’t send your mind outside. Don’t fasten onto any knowledge at all. Whatever knowledge you’ve gained from books or teachers, don’t bring it in to complicate things. Cut away all preoccupations, and then as you meditate let all your knowledge come from what’s going on in the mind. When the mind is quiet, you’ll know it for yourself. But you have to keep meditating a lot. When the time comes for things to develop, they’ll develop on their own. Whatever you know, have it come from your own mind.

The knowledge that comes from a mind that’s quiet is extremely subtle and profound. So let your knowledge come out of a mind quiet and still.

Have the mind give rise to a single preoccupation. Don’t send it outside. Let the mind stay right in the mind. Let the mind meditate on its own. Let it be the one that keeps repeating buddho, buddho. And then genuine buddho will appear in the mind. You’ll know for yourself what buddho is like. That’s all there is to it. There’s not a whole lot.…”

(Transcribed from a tape)