10. Advancement or destruction

On that occasion, Luang Pu gave an admonition to the Dhamma missionaries, at one point saying,

“When you go out to disseminate and proclaim the Buddha’s teachings, it can either lead to the advancement of the religion or to its destruction. The reason I say this is because the person of each Dhamma missionary is the determining factor. If, when you go, you behave in an appropriate way, keeping in mind the fact that you’re a contemplative, with manners and behavior corresponding with what’s proper for a contemplative, those who see you, if they don’t yet have faith, will give rise to faith. As for those who already have faith, your behavior will increase their faith. But as for the missionaries who behave in the opposite fashion, it will destroy the faith of those who have faith, and will drive those who don’t yet have faith even further away. So I ask that you be consummate both in your knowledge and your behavior. Don’t be heedless or complacent. Whatever you teach people to do, you yourself should also do as an example for them.”