Further Readings

The following books and essays can be found online at dhammatalks.org:

Dhamma in General

Purity of Heart”; “Opening the Door to the Dhamma”; “Honest to Goodness”; “No Strings Attached”; “Dhamma Is What Dhamma Does”; “Lost in Quotation”; “All About Change”; “The Essence of the Dhamma”; “Perennial Issues”; “When You Know for Yourselves

Appropriate Attention

Untangling the Present”; “Food for Awakening

The following books and essays provide additional perspectives on one or more of the four noble truths. Keep in mind that any discussion of one of the noble truths can’t help but make reference to the others.

The First Noble Truth

The Truth of Rebirth; Undaunted; The Paradox of Becoming; “Life Isn’t Just Suffering”; “Saṁsāra”; “The Weight of Mountains”; “The Arrows of Thinking”; “Five Piles of Bricks”; “Educating Compassion”; “An Arrow in the Heart

The Second Noble Truth

The Shape of Suffering; “Ignorance”; “Unhindered at Death

The Third Noble Truth

The Mind Like Fire Unbound; “A Verb for Nirvana”; “Talking about Nirvana”; “The Dhamma Eye”; “The Karma of Now”; “Freedom from Buddha Nature”; “We Are Not One

The Fourth Noble Truth

The Noble Eightfold Path; On the Path; The Wings to Awakening; Factors for Awakening; The Five Faculties; Bases for Success; The Karma of Mindfulness; Right Mindfulness; Good Heart, Good Mind; The Mirror of Insight; Selves & Not-self; “Faith in Awakening”; “The Healing Power of the Precepts”; “Getting the Message”; “The Joy of Effort”; “Pushing the Limits”; “Meditators at Work”; “Jhana Not by the Numbers”; “Silence Isn’t Mandatory”; “The Integrity of Emptiness”; “The Not-self Strategy”; “The Limits of Description”; “The Wisdom of the Ego