Jaya Paritta
The Victory Protection

Ma-kāruṇiko nātho

Hitāya sabba-pāṇinaṁ

Pūretvā pāramī sabbā

Patto sambodhim-uttamaṁ

Etena sacca-vajjena

Hotu te jaya-maṅgalaṁ

(The Buddha), our protector, with great compassion

for the welfare of all beings,

having fulfilled all the perfections,

attained the highest self-awakening.

Through the speaking of this truth,

may you have a victory blessing.

Jayanto bodhiyā mūle

Sakyānaṁ nandi-vaḍḍhano

Evaṁ tvam vijayo hohi

Jayassu jaya-maṅgale

Victorious at the foot of the Bodhi tree,

was he who increased the Sakyans’ delight.

May you have the same sort of victory.

May you win victory blessings.


Sīse paṭhavi-pokkhare

Abhiseke sabba-buddhānaṁ

Aggappatto pamodati

At the head of the lotus leaf of the world

on the undefeated seat consecrated by all the Buddhas,

he rejoiced in the utmost attainment.

Sunakkhattaṁ sumaṅgalaṁ

Supabhātaṁ suhuṭṭhitaṁ

Sukhaṇo sumuhutto ca

Suyiṭṭhaṁ brahmacārisu

Padakkhiṇaṁ kāya-kammaṁ

Vācā-kammaṁ padakkhiṇaṁ

Padakkhiṇaṁ mano-kammaṁ

Paṇidhī te padakkhiṇā

Padakkhiṇāni katvāna

Labhantatthe, padakkhiṇe

A lucky star it is, a lucky blessing,

a lucky dawn, a lucky sacrifice,

a lucky instant, a lucky moment,

a lucky offering: i.e., a rightful bodily act,

a rightful verbal act, a rightful mental act,

your rightful intentions with regard to those who lead the holy life.

Doing these rightful things,

your rightful aims are achieved.