Vaṭṭaka Paritta
The Baby Quail’s Protection

Atthi loke la-guṇo

Saccaṁ soceyy’anuddayā

Tena saccena kāmi


There is in this world the quality of virtue,

truth, purity, tenderness.

In accordance with this truth I will make

an unsurpassed vow of truth.

Āvajjitvā dhamma-balaṁ

Saritvā pubbake jine



Sensing the strength of the Dhamma,

calling to mind the victors of the past,

in dependence on the strength of truth,

I made an unsurpassed vow of truth:

Santi pakkhā apattanā

Santi pādā avañcanā

Mātā pitā ca nikkhan

Jāta-veda paṭikkama

Here are wings with no feathers;

here are feet that can’t walk.

My mother & father have left me.

Fire, go back!

Saha sacce kate mayhaṁ

Mapajjalito sikhī

Vajjesi soḷasa karīni

Udakaṁ patvā yathā sikhī

Saccena me samo n’atthi

E me sacca-pāramīti.

When I made my vow with truth,

the great crested flames

avoided the sixteen acres around me

as if they had come to a body of water.

My truth has no equal:

Such is my perfection of truth.