Bhāra-sutta Gāthā
Verses from the Discourses on the Burden

Bhārā have pañcakkhandhā

Bhāra-ro ca puggalo.

Burdens indeed are the five aggregates,

and the carrier of the burden is the person.

Bhār’ādānaṁ dukkhaṁ loke

Bhāra-nikkhepanaṁ sukhaṁ.

Taking up the burden in the world is stressful.

Casting off the burden is bliss.

Nikkhipitvā garuṁ bhāraṁ

Aññaṁ bhāraṁ anādiya.

Having cast off the heavy burden and not taking on another,

Samūlaṁ taṇhaṁ abbuyha

Nicchāto parinibbutoti.

pulling up craving, along with its root,

one is free from hunger, totally unbound.