The Mountain

Yathāpi selā vipulā

Nabhaṁ āhacca pabbatā

Samantā anupariyeyyuṁ

Nippothentā catuddi

Like massive boulders,

mountains pressing against the sky

moving in from all sides, crushing the four directions,

Evaṁ jarā ca maccu ca

Adhivattanti pāṇino

Khattiye brāhmaṇe vesse

Sudde caṇḍāla-pukkuse.

In the same way, aging & death roll over living beings:

noble warriors, brāhmans, merchants,

workers, outcastes, & scavengers.

Na kiñci parivajjeti


Na tattha hatthīnaṁ bhūmi

Na rathānaṁ na pattiyā.

Na cāpi manta-yuddhena

Sakkā jetuṁ dhanena vā.

They spare nothing.

They trample everything.

Here elephants can hold no ground

nor can chariots or infantry.

nor can a battle of spells

or wealth win out.

Tasmā hi paṇḍito poso

Sampassaṁ attham-attano

Buddhe Dhamme ca Saṅghe ca

Dhīro saddhaṁ nivesaye.

So a wise person,

envisioning his own benefit,

enlightened, secures conviction

in the Buddha, Dhamma, & Saṅgha.

Yo dhammacārī kāyena

Vācāya uda ceta

Idh’eva naṁ pasaṁsanti

Pecca sagge pamodati.

He who practices the Dhamma

in thought, word, & deed,

is praised here

and, after death, rejoices in heaven.