The Guardian Meditations

Buddhānussati mettā ca

Asubhaṁ maraṇassati,

Iccimā catur’ārakkhā

Kātabbā ca vipassanā

These four meditations—recollection of the Buddha, goodwill, the foulness of the body, and mindfulness of death—are guardians & means of insight that should be done.


Anuttarāya bodhiyā

Yogato ca pabodhā ca

Buddho Buddho’ti ñāyate.

Endowed with pure qualities through his unexcelled Awakening, and from training others to awaken, he is known as the Awakened/Awakening One.


bhedā sattā sukhesino,

Sabbe’pi sukhino hontu

Sukhitattā ca khemino.

All living beings—human, non-human, & animal—who are searching for happiness: May they all be happy and, through their happiness, secure.


Ayam’eva samussayo

Kāyo sabbo’pi jeguccho

Vaṇṇādito paṭikkulo.

This conglomeration of things from dead bodies, like hair of the head & hair of the body: The body as a whole is disgusting and, in terms of such things as its colors, unclean.


saṅkhāta-maraṇaṁ siyā,

Sabbesaṁ pīdha pāṇīnaṁ

Tañ-hi dhuvaṁ na jīvitaṁ.

Death, the destruction of the faculty of life, will come to all beings. That is certain, but life is not.