The Verses on Friends

Aññadatthu haro mitto

One who makes friends only to cheat them,

Yo ca mitto vacī-paramo,

one who is good only in word,

Anupiyañ-ca yo āhu,

one who flatters & cajoles,

Apāyesu ca yo sakhā:

and a companion in ruinous fun:

Ete amitte cattāro     Iti viññāya paṇḍito

These four the wise know as non-friends.

Ārakā parivajjeyya

Avoid them from afar,

Maggaṁ paṭibhayaṁ yathā.

like a dangerous road.

Upakāro ca yo mitto,

A friend who is helpful,

Sukha-dukkho ca yo sakhā,

one who shares in your sorrows & joys,

Atthakkhāyī ca yo mitto,

one who points you to worthwhile things,

Yo ca mittānukampako:

one sympathetic to friends:

Ete’pi mitte cattāro     Iti viññāya paṇḍito.

These four the wise know as true friends.

Sakkaccaṁ payirupāseyya,

Attend to them earnestly,

Mātā puttaṁ va orasaṁ.

as a mother her child.