Evening Dhamma Talks

The talks on this page were given by Thanissaro Bhikkhu during the evening meditation sessions at Metta Forest Monastery. Each talk generally lasts between ten and twenty minutes. You can search this page with ctrl + f, or to search the whole site go to >>more>>search in the navigation tabs.

     Skipping/repeating behavior while streaming mp3s since April 2014. The site admin has received a handful of reports related to problems streaming the mp3s from this page. Specifically, while streaming in the browser, it will suddenly jump back to an earlier point in the talk and play from there. I cannot find any problems with the mp3s themselves, nor can I reproduce the problem. So far the trouble seems limited to iOS devices. In order to isolate the problem, it would be extremely helpful to get more feedback. I am most interested in learning about 1) users having this trouble on non iOS devices, and 2) whether any users having this problem also experience skipping/repeating a) on talks prior to April 2014 and b) streaming mp3s from other sites.
     Please send your feedback to dhammatalks.feedback@gmail.com and specify the OS + browser combination you are using (even better if you know the version number), e.g. Android 3.0 + Chrome 29.