• Metta Forest Monastery (Wat Metta). The Metta Forest Monastery website is now up-to-date. Mostly it has some useful information for day and overnight visitors to the Monastery, including a map and directions from the airport. Ajaan Thanissaroʼs upcoming teaching schedule and some photos of the Monastery have been added.
  • Access to Insight. ATI has lots and lots of Theravadin Buddhist resources, including some teachings by Thanissaro Bhikkhu that are not yet available from this site. It also has Thanissaro Bhikkhuʼs Sutta translations, Pali language resources, and links to sites that mirror ATI in other languages.
  • Forest Dhamma provides free publications of the Dhamma talks and books of Ajaan Mahā Boowa and his disciples. The translations are either by Ajaan Paññavaddho, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, or Bhikkhu Silaratano (Ajaan Dick). Also there is information regarding Forest Dhamma’s starting a monastic community, in the tradition of Ajaan Mun and Ajaan Mahā Boowa, on a parcel of forest in rural Virginia, USA.
  • This site has Chinese translations of many of the Theravada writings from this website and Access to Insight.
  • Audio Dharma. A number of recordings of seminars and lectures given by Thanissaro Bhikkhu that are not available on These are free downloads, but there are Donate Now buttons throughout the site. These inappropriate solicitations are not in any way connected with Thanissaro Bhikkhu or Metta Forest Monastery.